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Tour description

Called ‘The Capital of the Movement’ by Hitler himself, Munich still contains the footprints left behind by those fateful happenings which would change the lives of millions. During this tour we will pass through the stage on which this story played out, learning about all the key points in the story from the foundation of the Nazi party, to the attempted coup (the Beer Hall Putsch), Long Knives Night, Viscardigasse, the Munich Treaty, and much more.

Places we will visit

  • The liberation of Munich
  • Night of the Broken Glass
  • Biography of Hitler
  • Attempted coup of 1923 (“Putsch”)
  • Square “Victims of National Socialism”
  • Blood witness
  • Königsplatz

And much more…

Meeting point

You will find the green umbrellas from Explora Múnich near the Fish´s fountain located on Marienplatz (just opposite the Ludwig Beck shopping center).