Tours in Munich

Free tour
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access_timeDuration: 2:30h
Third Reich tour
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What to know before taking a tour with Explora Munich

Explora Munich is a German company that offers guided walking tours of the Bavarian capital. It has local English-speaking guides who will not only show you around the city but will also serve as advisors and will be able to answer all your questions.

Types of tours

We offer three types of tours around the city. The classic Free Tour, which is a tour through the historic center of the city and at the end you choose the price. The thematic tours, which deal with different aspects of the city such as the Third Reich tour. And the personalized tours, where you decide what to see and for how long.

Meeting point

All our tours start at the Fish Fountain (Fischbrunnen) at Marienplatz. This is a well-known place in Munich that locals often choose as a meeting point. It is also a very accessible place that can be reached by several subway, bus, tram and train lines.

Why visit Munich

Munich is one of the most important and cosmopolitan cities in Germany. Every year it receives millions of visitors who are attracted by its history and culture. The streets of the city hide events linked to the rise of the Nazi party that changed the twentieth century and also medieval myths and legends that make you discover curiosities in every corner.

The English garden

The Englischer garten is the city's largest lung. Being crossed by the channels of the Isar river, it is the place chosen by the locals to bathe and relax with friends. This impressive park is located in the heart of the city so it is easily accessible from different parts of Munich.


It is the most centrally located market in the city. Just meters from Marienplatz there are numerous stores with the best local products. There you can find fruits, vegetables, spices, meats, handicrafts and all kinds of typical products. All the stalls surround the Biergarten which is right in the middle of the market.


You will also find different museums for different types of interests. The Deutsches Museum for those interested in science and technology, the picture galleries for those interested in art, the National Socialism documentation center for those interested in recent history and the BMW museum for car lovers.

Dachau concentration camp

The Dachau concentration camp is located 45 minutes from the city center. This camp was the first one built by the Nazi regime and opened its doors in March 1933. This place served as a model to later build the rest of the camps that were scattered inside and outside Germany.


Every year the city celebrates the most important popular festival on the Theresienwiese. The city receives six million visitors who come exclusively to taste the typical Bavarian beer and to enjoy the typical dishes of its cuisine.

Typical costumes

The Bavarians are very respectful of their traditions so it is very common to see them wearing their typical costumes in the streets of the city. Women will wear a dress (Dirndl) whose bow will indicate their marital status and men will wear deerskin pants (Lederhosen) with beautiful embroidery. 

The Biergarten

The Biergarten or beer gardens are very common in the city of Munich. It is the meeting place where locals gather to talk and of course, to drink beer. You will find them scattered all over the city and they are a good option to get together with friends in the open air.

The Münchner Kindl

One of the symbols of the city is the child monk. His figure is crowning the tower of the New Town Hall. There you will see him with outstretched arms looking at Marienplatz, but you will also find his image on public transport, in the sewers, on the uniforms of public employees, in the cathedral itself and in hundreds of other places.

Means of transportation

The city is extraordinarily well connected thanks to its public transportation system. To access them you will not find any barrier or control. This does not mean that traveling is free, you should always buy your ticket before using the means of transport as the fines for not having a ticket are very high.

Munich airport

The Munich Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany and is located 45 minutes from the city center. It can be reached by regional train, cab, bus or car. The airport has two terminals and also has a common area where you will find stores and restaurants.