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About Munich

If you ask anyone about Munich, it is very likely that they will think of beer, Oktoberfest and sausages. But with more than 860 years of history, the Bavarian capital has many more anecdotes and curiosities to offer to everyone who comes to visit.

It was founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion. At that time, the city was a small village populated mostly by monks. Years later the commercial prosperity of the salt route made it grow and develop economically.

During the XVI-XVIII century wars and battles were fought here, the result of which gave rise to what today is the culture and life of the city. It was the center of the Counter-Reformation and a powerful kingdom under the regency of the Wittelsbach family. This kingdom made the city prosper during the 19th century and with it, the city was filled with palaces and amazing castles such as the one already known by many: Neuschwanstein.

During the 20th century Munich was the capital of the Nazi movement and in its streets the first speeches and rallies of a young Hitler aspiring politician took place. After World War II the capital of Bavaria was badly destroyed, but in spite of that today it is one of the most beautiful ones in Germany.

In the 1950s and 1960s life came back to Munich after dark years of fear and violence. Buildings began to be rebuilt, factories and industries to prosper and stores to function as before. In short, normality began to return to the lives of Munich residents.

Today it is the third largest city in Germany, with 1.5 million inhabitants. It is one of the German capitals with the highest prestige and spending power and has been ranked on several occasions as one of the safest cities with the best quality of life.

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